A non-profit tax exempt cultural and educational organization founded November 21, 2000 in New Orleans. The membership consists of US citizens of Hungarian ancestry, Hungarian citizens temporarily staying in the New Orleans area and others interested in Hungarian culture. The President is Stephen J. Gergatz, Vice president Julianna Bika, Treasurer Aniko Vigh and Secretary Diane Szegfu. The organization underwrites the Nyugati Hirlevel a monthly electronic newsletter. It meets quarterly at various venues.

Hungarla has sponsored the installation of a bronze plaque on Lafayette Square in New Orleans to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the visit of Lajos (Louis) Kossuth to New Orleans between March 25 and April 1, 1852. Kossuth addressed 8000 citizens on Lafayette Square in front of the City Hall now called Gallier Hall. Lafayette Square is a monument square with statues of Henry Clay, Benjamin Franklin and John McDonough. There are multiple commemorative bronze plaques on the square. The whole park is shaded by graceful southern oaks. During Mardi Gras Rex salutes the mayor of New Orleans in front of Gallier Hall.

The bronze plaque designed by Bertalan Andrasfalvy is mounted on a block of Georgia gray granite. Hungarla and the Arpadhon Hungarian Settlement Cultural Association were the sponsors of the unveiling, which has taken place April 6, 2002 on Lafayette Square with a reception in Gallier Hall.

Julianna Bika, Vice President